People to follow

This is a non-comprehensive list of people that have expressed views and created artifacts aligned with Critical Rationalism.

David Deutsch Website,,
Karl Popper Website,
Brett Hall Website,,
Sarah Fitz-Claridge Website,,
Peter Medawar Website,
Naval Ravikant Website,,
Aaron Stupple Twitter,
Logan Chipkin Website,,
Dennis Hackethal Website,,
Arjun Khemani Website, https://arjunkhemani.comTwitter,
J. C. Lester Website,,
Ella Hoeppner Website,,
Bruce Nielson Website,,
Lulie Tanett Website,,
Christofer Lövgren Twitter,
Ben Chugg Website,,
Vaden Masrani Website,,
Stuart Firestein Website,
Aniket Vartak Website,,
Daniel C. Elton Website,,
Ray Scott Percival Website,,
Cam Peters Website,,
Oliver Scott Curry Website,,
Bart Vanderhaegen Website,,
Jesse Nichols Website,,
Chris Best Website,,
popperazzi Twitter,
Moritz Wallawitsch Website,,
You are CR aligned/interested and are open to be listed here? Please add your information via a GitHub PR or via this form (I'll triage the form submissions every few weeks).