This is a non-comprehensive list of Critical Rationalism related resources.

The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the WorldOpen,
The Logic of Scientific DiscoveryOpen,
Failure: Why Science Is So SuccessfulOpen,
RSA Replay: Optimism, Knowledge and the Future of EnlightenmentOpen,
Applying Deutsch's concept of good explanations to artificial intelligence and neuroscience -- an initial explorationOpen,
Liberty Loves Reason: Darwin versus Political CorrectnessOpen,
The Myth of the Closed Mind: Understanding Why and How People Are RationalOpen,
David Deutsch Eats RationalismOpen,
The Beginning of Infinity, Part 1Open,
Moral problems: a Popperian approachOpen,
Aaron Stupple's Twitter List of Critical RationalistsOpen,
Bart Vanderhaegen's Four Strands Twitter listOpen,
Against Against Intellectual Property: a Short Refutation of Meme CommunismOpen,